The Greatest Gift

Good Tuesday morning. What a beautiful week we have in Abilene, the sun is shining. I am loving that we have 3 more weeks of summer vacation. I know some of my friends might hit me over the head with that comment, but it seems like we have been so busy this summer with doctor stuff we haven't had time to take a breath. I don't have a date yet, but I know that Jack will have 3-4 weeks between now and his next MRI, so we are going to enjoy being in town.
Rob's sister is here visiting with her kiddo's. We always have alot of fun with them.
Jack is going to try and go back to thai kwon do Thursday night. He showed me yesterday that he can almost touch his toes and he practiced his jumping. I am glad he wants to go back, he has taken off several weeks, some because we were out of town and then some because physically he didn't feel up to it.
My big announcement...hold the press. Derek decided to NOT play football this year. Anyone who has spent a moment with Derek knows that he is all about football. He continues his conditioning and exercising to stay in shape (his words), and I am sure he will add some new sports to his experience this year. We would have gotten him where he needed to be, but it would have been very hard this year for our family to have football practice and games in the mix. So I am glad it has worked out this way.
Please continue sending prayers up for Jack to Jesus. That is the greatest gift.


Amy's Gang said…
Hi Tammy! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm so glad the summer is finally slowing down for you guys. I love the encouragement your posts give me. It often serves as my morning devotional!! Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. I took our pictures to a family dinner the other night so they could help me luck!! I AM putting in an least for the or tomorrow. Then I will order the other things we want when the summer slows down for us!! I sure hope there is not a time frame for ordering bc I'm pretty sure mine might have passed!LOL! My sister in law from Dallas was shocked at your talent and how reasonably priced you were. I'll get back with you soon!
Amber Joy said…
I'm always thinking of you guys. Wish I could make it to the swim club more often! While Derek has made a very wise and mature decision, Kevin is gung-ho football. He's a wimp sometimes, and we're all questioning how it's going to work out. We'll see. How can he not when his three big and macho brothers played? He could play trumpet - or be the mascot! Yeah! Both good options. ;)

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