August 13, 2007

In Town Vacation

Monday night. I am on a roll I have posted twice in the last 48 hours. Our family is enjoying our last two weeks of summer vacation. I think that I am feeling a bit anxious about Jack going back to school. I had really hoped that he would be off steroids before school started back up, but no such luck. He looks so different than when summer started, I hope that he is treated kindly in school. I have NEVER cried when my kids have started school, even kindergarten, I might have dropped a tear but I don't think so. This year could be different. I am just going to have to pray about it and leave it to the Lord.
Jack does so much better on a routine so I really think that it will be good when school starts up. It will give him something to focus on. He seems to just wander.

We are going to do our annual family vacation at the Elegante Suites for two nights this week. The kids love to stay at the hotel and it seems like a vacation when someone makes your beds and cooks you breakfast. I had planned on visiting family in Arizona with the kids this summer, but once Jack was dealing with the swelling in his brain and on all sorts of drugs to tend to that, it didn't seem wise to make that trip. Staying close to home was definately the smart choice.

I am glad to hear all the rave reviews of the Bourne movies. Sounds like we will definately have to watch the first two before we see the third.

Please keep Jack in your prayers.

Father God you are the sustainer of my soul. Bless Jack and heal his face and take away the tumor in his head. I pray that You will light our path brightly so we walk only in Your direction, lifting our heads to see You. In Your sweet Sons name, Amen.


JY said...


We loved the Bourne Ultimatum. We just saw it last weekend, when we were celebrating our fourth anniversary in Montreal. Of course, it could be that we were just so relieved the movie was in English it seemed like the best movie ever, but it was good. Y'all are in our prayers,

James & Kami

Anonymous said...

We pray in agreement with you!

Enjoy your last bit of summer vacation...


Jan & Tom

Linda said...

Praying for Jack as he begins a new school year. May he continue to feel self-confident. Praying that he is completely healed.