August 28, 2007

A Little Help From Our Friends.

Second day of school, so far so good. Last night one of the mom's of Jack's friends came over with her kid's to drop off a newspaper she had saved for us from Jack's Pilot for a Day at Dyess. I really like this family. When her boys saw the picture of Jack in the paper they were confused as to why Jack's appearance had changed. The last time they saw him was on the last day of 2nd grade. This brought up a family discussion as to a relative in their family who had cancer and she lost her hair. When she went to school kids were mean to her and made fun of her. A boy in her class ripped off her wig and tossed it around so she couldn't get it back making fun of her the whole time. When this girls brother, not much older than she was, heard this story later that day he went and found this little boy, pushed him off his bike, punched him a couple of times and took his bike. He drove it home, put it in the garage and went to his room. Not too long after that the police showed up at the door and told his mom and dad what had happened, he came out of his room and told the police that he did steal the bike. He wasn't hiding what he had done because he felt it was justified. The police left him to his mom and dad's accord, and returned the bike to the owner. When they shut the front door both mom and dad high fived their son for taking up for his sister.
Once the story was over this dad who we have only met a couple of times told his sons to take up for Jack. If someone was making fun of him or teasing him, they had his permission to do what needed to be done. He said, "You take care of Jack and you wont get in any trouble at home, you do what needs to be done."
I sat on my couch last night listening to my friend recount all this for me, and I just couldn't help but cry. This reminds me of the scripture that talks about "taking up for the least of these." I am not sure that the Lord had fighting in mind, but it surely made me feel like Jack had some little friends that were watching out for him, and we all need friends looking out for us.


Denise W said...

Ok, now I'm crying, too! How tender of this family to love Jack this much. How terrible that ANYONE would say anything ugly to him!

Not to worry - we'll all whoop some tail over unkind words!

Amber Joy said...

Yes, we will!

Melene said...

I have tears, too!

There are some awesome kids at Wylie! You and your are blessed and I'm happy for you.

Erica said...

That brought tears to my eyes too. I love the heart that this sweet family has for Jack. What a blessing for him and the rest of your family as well. We will be keeping you all in our prayers as the year unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for these friends!!

I like what Denise said: "Not to worry - we'll all whoop some tail over unkind words!"

So will the Lord!!!

~Blessings and much love to all of you!!

Jan and Tom

Jan and Tom said...

Just thought you'd like to know...the Encouragement Blitz on our Blog is for all of you today! Thought it was time again to UPDATE all of our Yahoo360 friends about Jack and the family!

Love ya!

Jan and Tom

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

This is a tender and sweet post, Tammy -

Glad you have such friends. Hope Jack does well in school this year and that all goes well.

Cheers & Blessings to you all today! Dee

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles

Terral said...

I pray that Jack will be surrounded by kids like this that love him. I have told my friends and my son Colton who is eight about Jack. We are praying for your family!