Saturday night. Jack is laying behind me on my bed reading a book. The rest of the family is around the house doing something or another. I have caught up on some computer time and now I will catch you up on us. We have had a great week at Mommer's and Tom's with Tamara and the kids visiting. We have much laundry to plow through but for the most part when you live and eat at someone elses house for the better part of a week that minimizes your own housework.

We received Jack's next date for his MRI - September 13. Jack is doing well, we have seen movies a couple of times this week which is his favorite thing to do. We saw Underdog on Monday - we all liked it greatly or loved it depending on who you asked. It was a good depiction of the old cartoons. The evil scientist was portrayed to a tee. Underdog was a great actor/dog. Go see it if you want to laugh. Then we saw Daddy Day Camp on Wednesday, the day it was released. We have a custom that when we go to the Ronald McDonald House we always check out two movies...Daddy Day Care and Cheaper By The Dozen 2. So when the follow up to Daddy Day Care was released it was a no-brainer for us to go and see it. However, no one over the age of 8 would like this movie in my opinion. I decided to take a well earned nap, I had after all paid $5 to sit in a dark theatre in a semi-comfortable chair, and snooze away. After watching about 10 minutes of the movie I made a good decision, just go to sleep. Some times I accidently fall asleep in movies, but this one was a conscience decision. All the adults that went just shook our heads when it was over. I ofcourse was shaking my head to knock out the kink in my neck from the nap.

We are movie goers at our house. That is a major thing Rob and I had in common when we met, we love movies. We enjoy the big screen, sitting in the middle seat in the middle row and will arrive at a movie plenty early to secure our favorite seats. Jack has inherited our love of movies. All that said, somehow we missed out on the Bourne series. We have not seen one, we rented one then never got to watch it years ago. Many of our friends love the movies, so that is on our to do list.
Rob and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Or I guess we will enjoy it tomorrow, but celebrate it on Friday due to the busyness of a Sunday. So I think we will see the new Bourne in the movies for our anniversary celebration on Friday.

That was our week.


Amber Joy said…
I think you two would most definitely enjoy the Bourne movies. I have seen the new one twice already. ;)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary!! Many blessings~

Jan & Tom
Sarah said…
Seriously, my jaw dropped open to learn that I have seen not one, but TWO movies that you haven't seen!! (The Bourne movies). We both love them at our house.
Connie said…
Congratulations on your anniversary! We are proud your number of years together continues to grow. The Bourne movies are a big hit in our family. We got to re-watch the first two the weekend before #3 came out. Then, the whole family (which was a real treat!) got to go see the third one together. I am so glad I saw the first ones again because it helped me understand the new one. My suggestion, if you have time,try to watch the first two before Friday. You'll enjoy Borne Ultimatum much more if you know what the other two are all about! Hope you have a great time...

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