September 15, 2007

A couple of reports

Saturday at lunch time. I am about to pick up the kiddo's from grandma's house, but thought I would quickly report that the neurosurgeon called yesterday. He called to say that there was some growth shown on the MRI. Although the growth could be some new swelling.... Jack's case will be presented at tumor board on Thursday. Imagine a big room with a large mahogony conference table with a bunch of white coats who specialize in brain tumors and that is my vision of what tumor board looks like. Anyway, he will call back on Thursday with recommendations from the board for Jack. He thinks that most likely they will say give it more time and check on it again in a month or two. It is a bit confusing as to what has grown, he said the tumor that is contrasted in the MRI, which is the part that has always grown in the past, has stayed the same, it is the back of the tumor that didn't have contrast, that showed larger. If you just read that and said, what does that mean? Get on board. I really have no understanding of the ins and outs. But the doctors do and the Lord has got it all under control.

Jack had an opthamology appt. today. We have a date for his eye surgery, November 20. It is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so he will have a good several days to heal and rest before school starts up. It is a day surgery, drive up the night before, check in to the hospital for pre-op early and he is out by the end of the day if all goes according to plans. Jack has had this surgery before, and it is not a huge deal. He wears sunglasses and a hat for a week to protect his eyes, we put some stinging drops in his eyes to prevent infection (thats the worst part), and 2 weeks later his eyes will be clear and straight if it is like the last time.

Off to pick up my sweet kids.


karene said...

You all remain in our prayers!

Melissa said...

I love your new photo! Your family is in my prayers.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Your family HAS been and will remain in my prayers, too, Tammy. I've been reading your posts and praying for you, although I haven't been commenting.

I lift you up to the Lord into His hands of care and mercy.