September 21, 2007


Good Friday morning. I talked with the doctor yesterday. After much consideration the doctors are still feeling positive about the tumor itself. They believe that the tumor has not grown and what they are seeing on the MRI is something called Radionecrosis. Another new word. The radiation is killing healthy cells surrounding the tumor and that is why the tumor looked like it was growing, because the cells around it were changing. The original radiologist (a hospital radiologist, not Jack's radiologist) still believes that what he see's is tumor progression, but Jack's radiologist disagree's. So what can be done about radionecrosis? Hypobaric Oxygen Treatments is what is recommended. The Dallas doctor's have ordered 30 treatments. One hour a day for 30 days. The catch - finding a local place that will treat a child. When Jack first had the paralysis from the radiation Dr. W., the neurosurgeon, told us that the HBO treatments would be helpful if Jack didn't start healing up right away. He checked with a center here and couldn't get a returned phone call after several tries. Now the radiologist is trying a different wound care center and hopefully something somewhere will work out in town. If not, they will have treatments for Jack done at Dallas Children's. 30 days - and even more if they don't do the treatments on weekends in Dallas. We would just pack up and move into the Ronald McDonald House for a month or so. I would rather not do that - hmmmm wonder why? So pray for a good reception from one of the wound care clinics in Abilene to take on Jack's case and for all the details to work out quickly.

Edit to Add: Prayers were answered with a happy voice on the phone calling me from Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene this morning bright and early. Jack starts HBO treatments on Monday morning at 8am. Glory, glory.

The twins went to Safety City Yesterday. I will post some of those pics on Monday - so cute.


Troy M. Stirman said...

Tammy- this is great news about the prognosis. Sarah has introduced me to a couple through little league and the dad is some kind of technician in this area- wound care through hyperbaric chamber treatments. Their last name is Teebo (SP?) Anyway, I'm sure Sarah could give you their number...


Melissa said...

OK - so I was a bit confused, not by what you said, but by all the big words - so the nerd in me did some research and found this:
"The Brain Radionecrosis Center is pioneering a new method for treating these patients. By using hyperbaric oxygen (oxygen given under pressure like in a diving chamber), we have found that blood begins flowing back into the injured parts of the brain, decreasing the swelling and, in many cases, completely healing the patient."

Now I feel completely encouraged, and am praying that the last bit of this quote comes true for Jack.

Linda said...

More praise for prayers answered. Blessings, Linda L.