September 12, 2007

MRI Tomorrow

Jack and I are heading out for his MRI in Dallas. I am picking him up from school and we will head straight to Dallas. We will be staying in the Ronald McDonald House, and our room is already confirmed. That is such a blessing. We wont hear back from the doctor until next week, so I will blog about it when I get details.

Today I was running around doing last minute things before the trip. I got the car washed, gassed up and then with dread headed over to Books A Million to see if we could exchange our Harry Potter #7 Book on Audio CD. That is how we do our trips to and from Dallas, by listening to Harry Potter. Jack LOVES it. One of the discs was scratched, in fact is was the last 10 minutes of the book, you know who is in the train station at platform 9 3/4 talking to his son and telling how the sorting hat let's you help decide which house you are assigned and from then on it's toast. I went in with much trepadation because I had not saved my receipt, and we had made the purchase many months ago when it was first released. I explained that it worked the first time we listened to it, then it had become scratched, and could I please exchange it. I expected to be laughed at and ridiculed for even asking such a thing, but it was worth the try to get it exchanged so Jack would be able to listen to it (and me too, but if it were just for me I am not sure I would have had the nerve to check into it). The manager on duty listened to my story, took the cd from me, walked to the shelf and handed it too me with a big smile. She said, "ofcourse we will exchange it for you, you weren't concerned with that were you?" I thanked her several times and made it out to the parking lot before I cried like a baby. It is the small kindnesses that touch me so very much. She didn't know us, or Jack's illness, but what she did was huge for us and Jack's happiness for the trip today and many more to come. Thank you Jesus for the way that all worked out.
This seems so trivial I am sure as you are reading it, but it is the small things that make Jack happy. Listening to Harry Potter is a huge deal to him when we go to Dallas. It is very important to me to make his trips to the doctors pleasant and even fun, it is VERY important. Thank you kind lady. Thank you Jesus.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing that manager was! God is so good! We will be praying for a safe trip, and a good report for Jack. Please put me down for the Beth Moore study. Howard and I will be away on a little vacation so I will miss the first 2 weeks. Love you, Jacki

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! It's great to see Jesus in even the small things...things that most people would feel were insignificant!!

Still praying for Jack and all of you!

Jan & Tom

Denise W said...

Lots of people out there are Transforming their Community!

Terral said...

I am praying that Jack will have a great check up!