Hypobaric Oxygen Treatment #1

One treatment down, 29 to go. The treatment went so well! Jack breezed through it. We got to the hospital right after 7:30 to do paperwork, at about 8am they sent us upstairs and we visited with the doctor in charge of the HBO program (Hypobaric Oxygen) Jack changed into scrubs and he was ready. He laid on the gurney, the nurse gave him a special water bottle to take in with him, showed him how to pop his ears by putting water in your mouth, holding your nose closed and swallowing. They pushed him into the tube and that was when I had to leave. He laid on that comfy mattress inside the tube and was able to watch the television on the wall above him. The next time I saw him he was walking out to me back in school clothes. We were back at school by about 10:15 a.m. The clinic is only open M-F, so the 30 treatments will take 6 weeks. Last night one of our good friends at church talked to Jack about the HBO treatment. Her name is Elaine A. and we just love her so much. She has been in the HBO chambers many, many times. Jack was very excited about the treatment after talking with her, because she filled him in on the television! She also told Jack that movie starts in Hollywood pay to go into the treatments because it rejuvinates your skin and complexion.
Here are a couple of pictures.


Sarah said…
I'm sure after a so many MRI's that little tube looks like a luxury suite, but I think I would have to be sedated to get in there! YIKES! Yay! for Jack -- always a good sport. Hope Scooby Doo was up and running! :-)
Denise W said…
I'm with Sarah! That Jack certainly is a trooper!
Amber Joy said…
I'm so glad to hear this first time went well. It's all a breeze from here.

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