October 04, 2007

Angels among us.

Today I met a woman in the waiting room of the hospital. She had walked her daughter into the MRI area which has the same waiting room as the Hypobaric treatments. Once her daughter's MRI was underway I struck up a conversation and asked her if this was her daughter's first MRI. She had told me some of her daughter's medical background and then shared with me that she wasn't actually her biological daughter. She was actually her aunt and that she and her husband gained custody after the courts assumed custody of the little girl. She had multiple skull fractures, was bald on several area's of her head, showed positive for c*caine and had multiple abrasians, and both of her retina's were detached. She wasn't even one year old at the time. Apparently the girls mom was on c*caine as was her boyfriend and the story was never really for sure what happened. This aunt and uncle whose children were already raised welcomed this little girl into their home. As this mom sat in the waiting room today I thought about how lucky that little girl is to be alive, 5 years after she was taken away by CPS, she was in a home cherished and loved by a mom and dad who happily adjusted what their lives would look like after their other children had left home. I was so grateful to be able to meet this mom today.

Jack is doing great with HBO. Almost 2 weeks down, 4 weeks to go!


Linda said...

Thank God for the angels He puts in our lives, if only for brief moments.

Jack, great job on the HBO's! You are one of those angels that I get to know by your mom's sweet words. Blessings, Linda L.

Sarah said...

I have the honor of knowing one sweet stay-at-home mom who was struggling to make ends meet with their 3 kids on her teacher-husband's salary -- but when it became abundantly apparent that her sister-in-law was unable to care for HER three children, they took them in. Kids slept all over the house, laundry piled to the ceiling, homework got done in shifts, but children were loved and souls were saved because of it, I believe. Indeed, those are angels. Thank you for sharing another's story!