October 10, 2007

Catchin' Up

Wednesday night. Home from church and the kids are in bed. Tomorrow is Thursday and it seems like another week has flown by. Saturday we are driving to Dallas to see the Lion King on stage. We are all excited about it, I am slightly dreading the traffic. The location of the play is in the vicinity of the State Fair which is currently underway, so traffic might be a bit of an issue. But we will leave plenty early and I am sure it will work out.

I saw the most beautiful sunrise this morning. We are at the time of year when the sun rises during the time I am in the car taking Jack to his HBO therapy. What is it about sunrises that can take your breath away? But by the next day I have forgotten what it looked like, and the new sunrise is so beautiful that it takes your breath away again. I thought about how gracious God is to all His children on earth by lavishing such beautiful gifts on us. No matter where you are if you just stop and look up at the sky, doesn't really matter what time of day or what weather is happening the sky is always dynamic. A beautiful sunset, sunrise, thunder clouds, blue sky with some clouds, or a clear blue sky - they are all beautiful. If our earth is but a shadow of Heaven I can only imagine the beauty in the sky. For those of us that get caught up in the tornado of life if we will only stop and look at the sky it helps put that moment of time in perspective. Our bodies are just here for a flicker of time. The struggles we face each day seem overwhelming but if we will just look up, cast our burdens on Him then we are set free, free indeed. And while we are looking up we will see a beautiful sky created to show God's glory and just revel in His Majesty. Glory to God in the Highest.

I am finishing up a book, Unveiling Mary Magdalene, by Liz Curtis Higgs. I have really enjoyed it. She wrote the Bad Girls of the Bible Series. And now has the Not So Bad Girls of the Bible out, it might have been out for a while but I just saw it, so that is next on my list to read. I love the devotion of Mary Magdalene to Jesus. He set her free from the 7 demons that possessed her and she devoted the rest of her life to Him out of gratitude, love and the desire to learn from the Master. She calls Him Rabonni when He speaks to her in the garden after he has risen from the dead. He was her teacher. She was the first person He showed Himself to after he rose from the dead. I believe that Mary was one of His most devoted followers, she stood by Him during His crucifixion, before the sun rose after the Sabbath Mary was heading for the tomb to see her Lord.

My friend Jana B. gave me a picture depicting Mary Magdelene on the ground with Jesus's hand reaching down to help her up. I love that picture. I see it every day it is a daily reminder that I need Jesus, and He is always there to help me up.

Several months ago I was asked to do a bit of a testimonial thing for a website called Hope For Life. I just looked at the website yesterday and it looks great. If you are from here you might recognize several of the faces and testimonials, if you are not I think you will enjoy them, I did. Hope For Life is a ministry of Herald of Truth. The testimonials are pretty short and definately left me wanting to know the rest of each persons story. You can click on Hope For Life above, or click on over to hopeforlife.org

We will talk again soon.


Susan said...

Hi Tammy,

This is my first time to your awesome blog.

I pray your son Jack is doing well.

I've only skimmed through your site and I assume he has a brain tumor.

My son is a brain tumor survivor.

I will be praying for your family and keep in touch.

So nice to meet you!