October 21, 2007

Such Hope

Sunday night. We had a great weekend. Rob and I took the kids to see ACU's production of AIDA on Friday night. It was amazing! When we bought the tickets for an 8pm Friday show I thought that there would be a good chance we would have to leave before it was over. But the kids stayed awake and loved every minute of it. The acting, singing and dancing was flawless, what a show! Props to ACU for putting on a broadway production that was purely magnificent.
Then the kids spent the night last night at Mommer and Tom's so Rob and I went to the movies...big surprise huh? We went and saw Across the Universe. The reviews have been great. One of the reviews said that they couldn't quit thinking about the movie and they were totally right. I have been humming along to I Am The Walrus, All We Need Is Love and Helter Skelter all day. I hate to say it was a great movie, because it is a movie you will love or so not love and I don't want to build it up and then disappoint someone. It was a musical with all the music of the Beatles, set in the time of the Vietnam War. Psychadelic and Intruiging, and a good storyline. I really liked it. Rob really liked it.
Jack is counting down his last 10 treatments in Hyperbaric starting tomorrow. He told me Friday he was SO ready to get his schedule back. He really hasn't missed too much at school, but he does miss library time, his Language Arts class, music and p.e. He wasn't even in p.e. so that was not a big deal, and music is his least favorite class, but he loves library and language arts class.
I am so looking forward to his MRI and Neuro-Oncology visit on the 31st and 1st! I feel sure at that point they will taper down his steroid dosage and he can get back to feeling more like himself again. Then on the 20th of November he will have his eye surgery and if we are really lucky his mediport will come out.
It is the time of year for family portraits, Christmas cards and weddings galore so I will be busy and I hope time will fly by.
I am grateful to the Lord for blessing me with such hope.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Wish we could have seen y'all this weekend! Our church, Altamesa church of Christ(Altamesa at Hulen, Fort Worth) has a rockin' Fall Festival Halloween night from 6 to 8 - lots of free food, candy, prizes, and games, if y'all want to come by on your way out. Everybody wears their costumes. Last year, with rain, we had about 2,000 people come through! I know it's not the same as being at home, but I wanted to tell you about it! Maybe if that doesn't work , we could get together for something!!

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Hey, Tammy -

I've been praying for y'all and hope that things continue to go well and that you can stay in a positive frame of mind.

It's interesting that your other commenter, Karise, goes to Altamesa church in Fort Worth because I read their minister, Danny Sims', blog all the time. Small world!

Continue to do well and I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.


of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles

Caryn said...

You're so right about Aida! It was phenomenal! I'm glad you're whole family enjoyed it.