October 01, 2007

Balloon Fest and Celebration Sunday

We had a super fun weekend. Saturday we went to the Balloon Fest. Sophie and I volunteered taking tickets during a 2 hour shift, then we went home ate dinner grabbed the rest of the group and headed back for the Amy Stroup concert Saturday night. Here are some photo's of Sophie from the balloon fest. She had the best time. She is such a sweetheart.

Then Sunday morning we went to church, and as it was Celebration Sunday, Amy Stroup performed in lieu of Bible Class. Celebration Sunday is an invite your friends Sunday. We have a big cookout of burgers and dogs and all sorts of kid oriented rides and events. We normally have hundreds of visitors, it is a great time to meet new friends. Here are a couple of pics of Amy and the awesome musicians she had performing with her. They are all based out of Nashville. When I took these images they were performing a blue grass rendition of I'll Fly Away. It was awesome. I did tell Amy I thought that I might be her biggest fan, I felt like and idiot, but I just had to say it.

Rob was asked to be in the Dunk Tank. My kids were so excited to dunk their dad. People were giving them dollar bills to help them with their cause. When Rob got into the tank the kids lined up, all my kids friends thought it was so cool to dunk their friend's dad. It was hilarious. Rob got dunked many times during his 20 minute shift. Here are a couple of pics dunking dad. (All three kids dunked dad atleast once)

Below is Derek with a huge grin, trying to knock his dad in the water.

On Sophie's first throw she hit the target and down Rob went.

Jack's turn!

Here is our preacher, Phil. This was what he was planning to wear in the dunking booth, notice the sandals with the suit! Rob said that when it came time for Phil's shift the crowd had already cleared out and no one was left to dunk him. He lucked out!


Anonymous said...

That looks like you all had a great time. Love and miss you all.

Becky and family