October 06, 2007

Friends and Proverbs 31

Saturday night. It has been a great day. Lots of fun stuff to do! I took some pics of my friend Denise and her family tonight. You can see the slideshow here if you would like. Denise is one of my soul sisters at church. We hang out together as often as we can and she is also part of the Coffee Group. She has a sweet family and I am so blessed with her friendship.

When I came home from the shoot I drove up to this

Sophie was practicing her bike riding skills. (sounds like that came from Napolean Dynomite) Up until Jack and Sophie went to Safety City a couple of weeks ago we haven't done any bike riding since Jack's first chemo treatment in August of 2005.

So Sophie mastered the art of bike riding without training wheels today. Very exciting.

Then I saw this in the window looking out at his sister.

They both are precious. It looks like Jack was sad, but you can see a bit of a grin on the side of his face that works, so I think he was enjoying the show. Jack will be a biking crazy man again I just know it. By the way my windows aren't really that dirty, but the screens are pretty old so that is what gave it the grainy look. Housekeeping skills...somedays are better than others.

I have been studying like crazy lately in Proverbs. The Coffee Group has a speaking engagement in Austin and we are speaking on the modern day Proverbs 31 woman. I would just like to say that the Proverbs 31 woman had servants and I bet they did all the scrubbing. But it has been an inspirational study and I am enjoying my research. I am speaking to verse 25. She clothes herself in strength and dignity, she laugh's at tomorrow. I am grateful to God for the strength and dignity clothes, without them I would be weak and humiliated. Glory to God! Have a most wonderful experiential day.


Denise W said...

We had a great time, too! I thought the window was some fancy Photoshop stuff!

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

I thought the window shot was some fancy Photoshop work, too, Tammy! Good picture of Jack. It's really sweet of him.

I looked at the slideshow. Great photos of Denise and her family and I like the music you have with it, too. My mom took me over to ACU to the Jacob's Ladder sculpture and surrounding area and I absolutely loved it. What a great place to shoot pictures, I thought. And to be baptized.

Much love and many blessings to you all today! Dee

Richard Beck said...

Seeing pictures of people that I love looking so happy brings tears to my eyes. What a precious thing to see the Waldrop's love for each other through Tammy's eyes.


Nicole said...

Tammy, you are an amazing photographer. That slideshow of Denise and her family were so beautiful! It brought tears to me eyes, which I wasn't really ready for. You truly are gifted!! And I loved the music that went with it. It was just awesome!! Seriously!!