July 28, 2008

Jack goes to camp.

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I knew that July would be busy, and I was 100% correct. Before we know it school will be back. I plan on enjoying my kids to the fullest for the last weeks until school starts. And with a big circle on August 22, 23 - Beth Moore in San Antonio, TX. Can't wait!

This week on my agenda besides work and editing images, Derek and Sophie and I are going to drive to a couple of locations where Derek and Sophie will take some pictures to enter into the Fair. They both are getting interested in photography and it is so rewarding about having your pictures on display for others to view.

Jack is at camp this week. I miss him terribly. Yesterday we woke up at 7am to get ready and out the door at 7:30 to take Jack to camp. We were to have him at Dallas Children's Medical Center at 11:30 to check him in and then we waited in a staging area until 1:30 when they loaded his bus. 3 large charter buses to take 200 kids to camp. The camp is called Camp Esperanza and is for kids of Dallas Children's who have been patients in the oncology unit.
I knew that this camp would be well staffed and well done, but other than that I really didn't know too much. The counselors are all adults who take a vacation week to play and love these kids. In Jack's cabin there could be up to 14 kids, but I think that there are about 10, and there are 6 counselors. Yes, 6 counselors to 10 kids. There will be fishing, swimming, rock walls, a zip line, they will have lessons in making a meal, I think taco's! I told Jack that he was in charge of dinner when he got back, but he quickly assured me that would not be happening.
There were 2 women who were greeting people as they entered the waiting area and they were both so kind and full of energy. One of the women was telling me about all the wonderful opportunities and the feeling of accomplishment that the kids go away with, and tears started to flow. I think she thought I was crying because I wasn't going to be with Jack for the week, but I was just crying because of the incredible growth and confidence that will be taking place this week. Maybe one tear was because I would miss Jack but the rest were out of excitement and amazement of all the volunteers and this amazing gift to all the kids.

Then we met Jeremiah. I hadn't seen him sit down at our table, but when I looked over and saw him sitting by himself I asked him his name. He introduced himself, first and last name. His first name is Jermiah. He is 9 years old and very confidant, he spoke loudly and clearly. Jack and he will be in the same cabin. He told us about camp, this was his 3rd year going. He told Jack there is a fish in the pond at camp that a net can't even contain it, he was going to try to catch it again this year. I asked him what his favorite thing at camp was and he said he loved swimming and going off the diving board. He also liked the athletic activities alot. When it was time to line up for camp, he stood up and he and Jack walked to the line. It wasn't until then I noticed that Jeremiah had only one leg. In the place of his other leg was an artificial limb, a red metal limb. Cancer took his leg, but you wouldn't know it by talking to him. I wish I could be there this week to see him jump off the diving board.

I pick Jack up on Friday. This first pic is of Jack and Jeremiah in line.



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Donna Ware said...

Oh Tammy, I am praying so hard that Jack will have an awesome week. That he will grow in spirit and confidence and just have a little boy blast!

We love you all!


not-so-deep Denise said...

I'm crying over leaving Jack.....

They all seem too little to be growing up so fast.