July 29, 2008

The Winner/Pray for Nick

Thanks to everyone who signed up to be in the drawing for "The Shack." I love giveaways. I wrote everyone's name on a strip of paper. Put them all in Jack's cereal bowl, tossed them around many, many times, closed my eyes and drew out.....

The Winner.........

Congrats Karene....I will get you your new book. When you get done reading it you will have to give me your review so I can post it here on my blog!!!

I received this letter in my email this morning. Nick started his journey with cancer 6 years ago, through treatments everything looked clear, then not too long ago things started to happen which led their family back to all the tests and doctors. The mom's name is Tammy, same as mine, and that is originally how we found each other in the blog world. She saw my name on a blog somewhere and clicked on it then saw that my son was going through chemo at the time. I thought about pulling out a bit of her letter, but really it all is so wonderfully written and I just couldn't edit it for shortening purposes for the blog. I pray for this family and I hope you will too. They are really having a hard time right now. Tammy's blog address is at the bottom of the letter, so if you want to bookmark it to keep up with Nick's progress please do.

from Tammy N. (Nick's mom)
Dear Prayer Warriors,

Our day started early and ended late. We pulled out of our driveway at 5:45 a.m. and pulled back in around 6:30 p.m. After three IV attempts (the last being successful), Nick was ready for the dye for the bone scan. Then we waited for ninety minutes for the dye to travel throughout Nick's body. Finally, the time came for Nick to enter the large machine that would search every nook and cranny of his bones.........nothing could be kept secret anymore. As I watched Nick's little body lay and slowly move through the machine, I felt panic well up inside of me to a level that I had never felt before.

Nick did great!

Then we were sent upstairs to wait again. A couple of hours later, the doctor and her assistants came to talk to us. We felt encouraged by several things she said and were told to go ahead and begin our journey home. They would call with test results. Nick was thrilled!

As we pulled up to leave the parking garage, Tim's phone rang. The doctor wanted us to come back. Nick's bone scan showed multiple places that they wanted to look at more closely. Nick began to cry. I have to tell you that up to this point over the past 6 years, I have very, very rarely seen Nick shed one tear. My heart ached.

As we reentered the elevator and headed back to nuclear medicine, I was overcome with fear and anxiety. I left Mom and Tim with Nick and went to the lobby where I found a somewhat soft loveseat and literally curled up in prayer. I lost all concern for the world hustling and bustling around me. Nick before the Lord was all I cared about.

When Mom, Tim, and Nick finally came out and said we could head home, Nick again burst into tears as we headed to the van. He had reached his limit. His arms had been in an uncomfortable position for 30 minutes straight with his feet taped together so that he felt trapped in the machine. He was afraid to move for fear they would have to start over again, and his stomach was hurting. How much more, Lord, does my baby have to endure?

When we got home, dear friends from Sunday school had delivered a warm meal. Being home made everything better.

Now we wait for another phone call and we know that on Thursday we return to Cincinnati for yet another test....a petscan.

I checked my email last night to discover that the president of P31 Ministries (a conference I attended in June) had dedicated her blog yesterday to Nick's story. Because of this, I have over 100 posts from women I have never met who are now praying for Nick along with all of you. Nick's story continues to reach more lives. And honestly, that is the business God is in..........bringing more and more people to the foot of His Throne and the foot of His Son's cross.

I am placing my blog entry here for those of you who want to read it or you can click on my blog address www.tammynischan.blogspot.com

We love you all so much and are thankful for the thousands of prayers being lifted in Nick's name. Please, please consider fasting for Nick in the upcoming days before his petscan if you feel called to do so and physically able.

Humbly praying for a miracle,

Just to reiterate...that is not me, it is a blog friend Tammy. Jack is fine and at camp, all his tests have looked good over the last couple of months. We go back at the end of August for his next clinic visit. I know that people can kind of skim through words here and there, and I don't want anyone getting confused.

Jack and Nick have alot in common besides chemo and treatments. They are both strong and faced each trial as they came, ready for battle. But the times that it got to Jack and something made him upset, one more test...missing school because of chemo, those were the times that broke my heart. I know that Tammy needs our prayers for Nick's health, but I am also praying for her to feel God through his Spirit and through His people. She is an awesome warrior for Christ and has great friends from her church, but she needs our prayers. God bless this family.


Tammy Nischan said...

Thank you, Tammy, for carrying my Nick to the Lord and asking others to do so! It means so much to me! I love you with an everlasting love!

Rachel Barker said...

Hey Tammy,

Thanks for the blog love! I will definitely check out your recommendation as you seem to be quite the reader yourself!

Rene said...

Definitely will add Nick and Tammy to my prayers!!!