July 04, 2008

A Most Strange 4th of July

A most strange 4th of July. It is not unusual over past years for Rob and I to not go out to see fireworks. Sometimes we go and fight the crowd, sometimes we sit in a friends backyard, and sometimes we just call it an early night and try and sleep through our neighbors lighting of fireworks. We don't really have a tradition for the 4th, we just go with the flow. So today has been that kind of day. Rob's sister and her kids are in town visiting this week so to get out of the house today, all of the girl folk and the kids went to Kohl's to check out the sale, and it's a whopper might I add, then off to the mall so the kids could play in the play area.

After we finished our shopping and got back to my MIL's house I realized I had much to do at home. 2 kids going to camp on Sunday and I am leaving before dawn tomorrow morning to shoot a wedding in Midland, TX. I had laundry to do, camp bags to go through and pack what still needed to be packed, charge camera and flash batteries, clean sensors....so I came on home. Rob and the kids are with the family, not sure if they are watching the fireworks live or on T.V., Rob will be home shortly I am sure and I will get the full report. I have finished my list, I am packed, 2 kids packed, laundry folded, camera's cleaned, it is 9:43 and fireworks are blasting and I am typing here on my computer and listening to Season 4, disc 2 of The Gilmore Girls.

This was a delightful respit of quiet and marking off my to do list. Wonderful but a little weird.


Sarah said...

We don't have a tradition, either. Just family fun. Which is what we had -- thanks for the heads up about Kohl's!! Need some stuff!

Hope the next few days go well! Doesn't it all hit at once in the summer?