Back to the basics.

Saturday night. The Cowboys game is on the TV in the living room, and we are all about to play a game of Apples to Apples. Sophie REALLY wants to play ; ) One more day till school starts for me, I had a bit of a nervous afternoon yesterday, but then I realized that I am just being silly and now I am fine again. I will be glad once my first week is under my belt and my routine is established.

I have done a lot of cooking lately. Rob told me this week that he had mentioned to several people how he has been in heaven with all the wonderful meals at night for dinner, and then comments as a side note that he hopes it is not my swan song of cooking before school starts. I told him that I had hoped that it was not my swan song either. I have found a new kind of enjoyment of being in the kitchen.

Back to the basics of preparing a delicious meal where I am not just throwing something together which is what I feel like I have done for the large part of the last 13 years since having my first child...a meal that takes thought and care and is something to remember. I don't believe that I can prepare this type of meal every night but will start to at least once a week. Sharing a meal with others is such an important part of fellowship, breaking bread with friends and family is the heart of where the organic friendship and love grows.

Back to the basics of sharing time with friends and family. I have felt a call to hold the hand of my grandfather, to look in my husbands eyes for more than a split second, to be in the moment with my children more. I have allowed shallow parts of my life to muddy the purity of relationships. How often to you spend time with someone who you feel like you are the most important thing to them at the moment? How long has it been since I have sent a birthday card instead of writing it on someone's wall on Facebook? A long time. It seems to me that with the social networking opportunities we have it makes the snail mail even more valuable and precious.

The day I allowed the cell phone to become more important than the person in front of me was a sad day for me. It was a day that I devalued the worth of the person in front of me, and it was the day I cheated myself from engaging in what was real and right in front of me. I will not do that anymore.

Back to the basics with Jesus. Just believe. Believe His Spirit will transform me, believe that if I share His love with others that the joy of Christ will emanate and believe that I need to be still and know that He is God. Believe that His love endures forever.
Believe that if I want to know Christ I must know His Words in scripture and pray for a passion like no other that draws me to Him.

Back to the basics.

Tonight's meal was easy but rich and satisfying for Sophie and I. I made omelette's and filled mine with goat cheese, dill, and chopped grape tomatoes. Sophie chose cheddar cheese and tomatoes. I also made English Sausage Roll's regular and with jalapeno's. They remind me of my time in Australia, my english neighbor next door gave me her recipe and I made them tonight. They went perfect with our omelette's. The boys all wanted the leftovers or grilled cheese and the sausage rolls.


Wife of Rob said…

Identifying so much with your post tonight sweet sister! Thank you for the reminder. I was in the same routine this week...except in reverse. Mine was getting up before my husband and cooking him a hot breakfast before work. Trying to keep myself motivated to keep this up.

Anonymous said…
Amen, sister! Thank you for the testimony -- it is inspiring. I love your transparent heart!

Blessings to you in this new endeavor -- ACU is in for a treat having you as a student.


Sharon Winker

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