January 06, 2010

Yummy Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff
Layer following Ingredients in Crock Pot
2-3 lbs stew meat
3 cans golden mushroom soup
1 packet Beefy Onion Lipton Soup Mix
3 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Chopped Onion
1/2 C Water

Cook 6-8 hours on low, or less if on high.
1/2 hour before ready to serve add: one block of cream cheese (8oz). It will take a while for the cream cheese to melt and blend in. I used Neuftachel Cheese, just like cream cheese but 1/3 less fat.

Saute mushrooms and either add to the stroganoff with cream cheese or serve on top of plated stroganoff.

While the cream cheese was melting I cooked a bag of egg noodles.

Serve Stroganoff over cooked and drained egg noodles with mushrooms on top. Add a dollop of sour cream on the top layer if you choose, I did and it was yummy.

The stroganoff made enough for 2 meals, so you can either freeze the leftovers, or refrigerate and serve again the next night which is what I did and I can't wait to serve it again tomorrow it was SO yummy!!


I got this recipe from my favorite online recipe site, www.allrecipes.com. It was one of the highest rated recipes in their "crockpot" section. One of the commenters towards the top had looked through everyone's comments and changes and put them together in a helpful comment. I used several of the adjustments and this is what I came up with. Here is the original recipe post.



Melissa said...

Perfect! Thanks for posting, I need a recipe for Bunko on Monday night. Think it will be enough for 12-16 hungry mommies? or should I double the recipe?

Melissa said...

Oh, and did I tell you that I did the black-eyed pea and corn salsa/salad too...yummy!