January 21, 2010

What's Up?

Thursday night. Just arrived home from Derek's basketball game in Sweetwater tonight. I was so glad to find out that my Thursday night class only meets face to face every other week. I thought my basketball game watching was over for the season, super yea it's not.

One thing that I enjoy thanks to my blog is the writing part of school. 5 years ago I would have been scared to death to write a paper, but now it seems that words just flow. Granted I am actually spellchecking and proof reading much more than I do on here.

As cold as the weather has been several weeks previous to this one is as beautiful as it has been this week. Loving 70 degree weather in January. I am ready to start walking again, I just need me some warm weather to get out there.

Not a lot to say, just wanted to check in and say hello. What's up with you?


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to go to the game. I know how much that probably meant to you in this new phase of balancing family and school. You are an awesome mom and an inspiring student. WIsh I was in a class with you right now. I'm also realizing that next year I will be traveling to ball games. Should appreciate my Winter "at home" more before it's all over. Looking forward to the future with great delight! Go Derek!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That last comment was from Jana Beck. Haven't quite figured out hte who comment identity thing.