One small step for mankind, one worthy step for me.

Starting my 2nd day of school. My first day was wonderful. Today...Sociology. Yesterday I attended Chapel which is required for most students, but not required for the Bachelor of Applied Studies program so I am not sure how often I will go, but decided today I will go each day this week to see if it should be something I keep in my schedule each day. It was wonderful yesterday singing praises to God after my first two college courses in over 2 decades. I do feel so blessed to be able to return to school, I feel blessed that I will be learning about subjects that I know nothing about.

As I was standing in Chapel yesterday amongst the thousands I was overwhelmed with emotion. Each step God calls me to in my life, each major step is out of my comfort zone, I definitely struggle with feeling like I am not good enough for many things in life, but I can trust God's worth for me as truth and realize my feelings for what they are...not truth. I am no better than anyone else, but no one else is better than me, were words I heard spoken on the television this morning by Joe Biden's mom who passed away. It is important for me to remember that I am worth the effort. I don't say that in any prideful way of course, scripture clearly states that we are to humble ourselves and put others first, but I don't think that means that we are to feel less than others, we are to value the creation that God made us to be and know we are equal, but then to choose to put others first. Not to put others first because we feel like we are lacking or worth less. That is a life lesson I have yet to conquer, but I am trying to allow the truth to write over the the brokenness, it is hard.


Tim Archer said…
Glad you've decided to get your degree. BAS students are the best! I've taught some and I'm married to a BAS-alum.

Just don't show up the regular students too much!

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer
Scott F said…
I am SOOOO excited for you! And for the wisdom you will bring in class discussions to the more traditional students. God will use your voice while you are learning. I know it!
Anonymous said…
This really spoke to me. Thank you.

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