January 27, 2010

A Precious Night, and a great quote.

My college classes are well underway. I am each day learning new details about life. I think all my classes are interesting. My astronomy class blows my mind EVERY day I am in there. I just can't even imagine how grand our universe is. To see the "not to scale" pics of our galaxy and all that lies within is amazing, and to look at pictures of planets that are 1800 light years away is more than my brain can even begin to comprehend but I am certainly amazed. I have learned so much and still feel quite overwhelmed in this class because of all the new terminology and ideas that I have never even thought about before, but I love learning about it. I had my first observation lab this week, but the sky was cloudy so there were no stars to see in the sky. I will have one more and am hoping for clear skies that night.

I have learned that a post I did several months ago about an egg sitting on it's end only one day a year, on the fall equinox was not correct. One of the kids teachers had told them this, but apparently you can sit an egg on it's end every day of the year, it is just a matter of being patient for the yolk in the egg to sink down to the bottom of the egg.

My Acts-Rev class is wonderful, we are studying Paul's missionary journeys right now in the book of Acts. Love every minute of it.

Last night I was invited to a wonderful prayer meeting with 10 other ladies. It was such a wonderful night. A friend who I met while shooting her daughter's wedding was hosting a speaker at her home and invited several women to join her in fellowship and to hear some words from this precious speaker, the speaker's name was Peaches. It was a blessing of an evening, Peaches has been given many gifts and one is prophecy, although that is not what she called it. She just delivers a message from the Lord straight from the bible and then minister's to each of the women individually. As she was praying over me God had given her a wonderful message to share with me. I love what my friend Deborah told me once about this gift. She said, God rarely ever delivers a message through someone else when he hasn't already prepared you to hear it. So the words from the person are more like a confirmation to where God is already working in you. That was what happened with me last night. Peaches described bits and pieces of what God was giving her about my future, all of those bits and pieces had already been in deep places in my heart, places where I felt the call of God on my life. It was a sweet confirmation to me. Through the night she helped women address areas of unforgiveness, unworthiness, tragedies from their pasts. The night started with praise and worship music and finished with it, it was one of those special nights that God's love and Spirit was...how to describe it? God's presence warmed the insides and outsides of all there was in that house. His gentle and faithful love was present. I have wiped away tears today several times just thinking about the gentle touch of the Lord.

A great quote today from Mike Cope in class:

Mike was talking about how Paul and Silas were singing in prison after being flogged and beaten and put in chains. These words make me happy.

God I didn't sign up to follow you so life would be good, so my 401K would be large, and retire in a mansion. I signed up to follow you because I thought the story was true....as long as the story is true and I am contributing to what you are doing in this world...all is well.


Leah said...

Sounds like things are wonderful