June 08, 2011

Dinner tonight - Creamy Chicken Taco's

I saw this recipe on the Crockpot365 recipe blog
here. It looked yummy and I always love to prepare dinner in the morning. The only problem with the plan today was that I didn't get to the grocery store until 2pm. So I am adjusting this recipe and boiling my chicken until it falls apart, shredding it up, then adding the other ingredients and letting it cook for 10 minutes or so on the stove top. I will let you know how it turns out.

Edit to add: This was just ok. I don't think I will make it again. No one hated it, but no one really loved it either.


I watched Meredith's last day on the Today show this morning. I was surprised that I was so emotional watching all the goodbyes. I was a huge Katie fan, so when Meredith joined the team I was not easily won over. Rob asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would be sad to see Meredith leave the show. I blithely commented..."not at all." Well apparently I lied and I didn't even know it. My heart broke to see one of my morning friends leave the show. It was apparent today that Meredith is beloved by her co workers. They even put on t-shirts to state as much. I tried to find a link to the way fun musical production number to the music of Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'," but I could only find a write up about it. Here is the heartfelt goodbye to Meredith from her Today family.

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I didn't realize how much I did love Meredith's personality and warmth. I am grateful for her example of putting her husband and children first and going a different direction with her career.
Now Ann will be Matt's cohort in the morning. I love Ann, and I am glad to see her take over the left side of the couch.