June 10, 2011

Letter to a Friend.

I had a wonderful email from a Facebook friend this morning. As I wrote her a response I thought that I would share it with my blog too. I know when I have had a friend make a change, whether it be leave FB, or put their kids in a different school, or homeschool, or maybe change a church, it is always food for thought for me to reevaluate where I am. I think that is a good thing, but sometimes I come away from that experience feeling like maybe I am less spiritual if I choose something they don't choose. I don't think my friend felt that way but the last thing I want anyone to think is that I think it is better to not be on FB. I don't think that. I love so much about FB, I miss it...ALOT. This is really why I am off FB and Social Networking -

"...I am glad you are still on FB, I know God uses voices of light through social networking. I am missing being on it, but the quietness of my mind is such a blessing. I had signed up for a program called "Growing Deeper" at Lipscomb University. It is a 9 month, or maybe a year, program that has guided readings and I will have a mentor, then will travel to Lipscomb twice for residencies that include silent retreats and some guided study. I am so excited about the experience, it was definitely a God thing and his leading was apparent. Throughout my time at home I have some books I need to read and I am supposed to be following a devotional/prayer/study time each morning. I found myself in the midst of my study and wanting to check FB, every morning. Do I check FB first? or do I do my study first? Some mornings my time was short and I didn't get to my study - but I checked FB. I felt like God wasn't necessarily calling me to leave FB as much as He was presenting Himself to me in such a sweet way and I was distracted in another area.
This special time of the Growing Deeper Program I have ahead of me has been something I never thought I would be able to afford or take time from my schedule to do. But God has made both possible. I was not going to miss one minute of Him in the process and my distraction of FB was getting in the way of that. I would hate to look back at the end of this process and feel like I missed out on something, and even though FB in and of itself is only a thing, for me it was distracting.

I wouldn't ever want anyone to feel like it is not a good thing, like you said it is how one uses FB. In this next year I have some roses to smell and grass to run my feet through with God and I wanted my heart to be all in it.
I feel like I have stepped off the edge of the world and am living a more solitary way right now. Before I hit the disconnect button on FB God spoke to my heart and said that He was in this time of quiet and I would survive. I miss the fellowship, but God has been faithful and His presence is abounding in the quiet. I am enjoying His voice and words in a way I haven't since FB started for me".


denise said...

You are precious! Thanks for always sharing your heart and where you are spiritually! ((Hugs))

ChristyCate said...

Cheers to you for listening to God's voice in your heart. It is funny... I have had so many people be personally "offended" because I feel strongly that I am NOT called to be on FB. They can't understand why I (the tech girl of all people) do not have a FB or want one... I'm right there with you, Sister. I know what the Lord is speaking to me and I want to honor Him first.