June 28, 2011

Weeping Unsrestrained.

Today a young man will be laid to rest. I don't know this family, but my children attended school with him. He, his twin sister, and a friend were on a country road after dark and a car driving down the road did not see them. The boy was hit and a couple of days later he went on to be with the Lord.

I read this blog post today at The Mannaman's Blog and thought of Hayden's mom.

There is a verse in scripture included in the linked blogpost that pierces my heart each time I read it...

“A cry of anguish is heard in Ramah—mourning and weeping unrestrained. Rachel weeps for her children, refusing to be comforted—for her children are dead.” Jeremiah 31:15

May we always be sensitive and understanding as those around us who have suffered the loss of a child. If the English language was similar to the Greek in anyway there would surely be a new word for suffer that would include present and future suffering that really never ends. When a part of your heart leaves the earth before you do there is a pain that stays with you forever. I saw my grandmother suffer until her death when she spoke of my father who died before she did. He was almost 60 years old. I don't guess it matters how old your child is, if they pass before the parent there is a scar that never leaves.

May we put our hope in Christ, and know that His suffering made it possible to be reconciled with those in heaven, who we will miss so dearly while on earth. However, may we never expect our friends and family to be as though their child's passing would not affect them forever. May we enter into the lament with honesty, putting aside our desire, as it is not possible anyway, for a life to ever be the same. May we rise to the occasion with the help of God.