I never thought I would intentionally be drawn to Greek words again after my semester of Biblical Greek, but I was wrong. I just needed a break I guess. I will be attending a fine art photography conference/retreat in July, in Boston, in the oldest Inn in the nation, built in 1791. I'm excited for all the above,, Boston, an old - the oldest Inn to be found in the good old U.S.A. One of our assignments before the seminar was to send a picture for us to use with a mixed media session and an old antiquing process, done with chemicals...not the computer. I had the option of sending two pictures, but I just sent one. The image above. This image is filled with items that belonged to the women in my family. Two grandmothers, and my mom, along with a couple of my pieces. I arranged all the jewelry and a hand sewn detailed hanky. I worked the image a bit in Photoshop, added a texture and butterflies that always remind me of my mom, and the word Eucharisteo, which means to be grateful. I certainly am grateful for the women represented in this image. They all had kind and generous hearts and left a legacy of love and faithfulness for the future generations to embrace.


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