June 08, 2011

Off the Facebook for about 18 hours....

Not quite 24 hours off of Facebook. Let me just say...this has not been easy for me. Which screams loudly to me that it was the right thing to do. I look forward to the next couple of days as the habit of pulling out my phone or sitting down to the computer to log onto FB starts to fade. I am missing some sweet people, like my friend, Denise from Tennessee, who became a friend through FB, and my friend Michelle who has been my friend since we were both young women working in a music store together.

But I can also feel some spaces opening in my life. Deeper breaths. Right now those peaceful spaces are fighting off the wanes and wantings to check in. The peace will win out.

off the grid,


denise said...

Aw.... ((Hugs!))

Mary said...
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