Boston Day 3 part 2

Our first excursion on Day 3 was a Whale Watching Tour. We had heard that it was a great experience. I hadn't even thought about whales and Boston, but apparently there is quite a whaling community about 90 minutes by boat outside of Boston. When we arrived for our 9am departure we were told that the seas were pretty rough and most of the boats had already cancelled their tours for the day, but our boat was one of the larger ones and they thought they would go ahead and give it a try.

The seas were not rocky until we got out of the Harbor and then gradually they became crazy rough the further we were out in the ocean. Upon our entrance to the boat a public service announcement came over the intercom encouraging anyone who might even think they would get motion sickness to head down to the snack bar and buy some dramamine. I had been preparing for the boat ride by taking ginger tablets for a week or two before, but I am very prone to motion sickness so even with a body full of ginger I knew it would be a must for me to get some motion sickness meds, too.

So glad I did, about 30 minutes into the tour all the people were asked to take seats inside the boat and leave the decks because of the roughness of the seas. I didn't feel afraid but it was certainly an adventure ride from then on until we got back into the harbor. There was even a child, maybe about 8 years old, who was injured when coming in to the inside of the boat, she was walking and the force of the waves forced her to slam against a rail then face to the ground. She was covered in blood and not too happy about it. The captain decided we needed to turn around. We wouldn't see any whales that day, but I know they gave it their best shot to get us out to the whales.
All of the kids say this was one of their favorite parts of the vacation. The waves would go up and over our boat and tip the boat up pretty significantly. I did have to assure them that we were safe, there were some worried looks a couple of times.

Here is Derek windblown from the strong winds outside on the deck.

Cool man Jack.

Took this pic on our way out to sea.

Picture of the family as they are enjoying the ocean breeze, this is about 10 minutes before things got really rough and they had to come inside. I was already inside as my choice of clothing for the day was a long sundress. Note to self: Ocean winds and sundresses don't really go together.

Rob was willing himself here to not get sick. He was probably wishing at this time he had gotten some dramamine, too. He never did get sick, but he was a nice shade of green and not feeling too well.

From the attempted whale watching we took a taxi to the beginning of the Freedom Trail and spent the rest of the day exploring the history of Boston.


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