The Train Ride to DC.

Our days in Boston had come to an end. We ate our last breakfast at Thornton's and took a taxi to the train station. We took Amtrack from Boston to DC. The train ride took about 8 hours. It was for the most part a beautiful ride. We could see out large picture windows and look out on the East Coast. The sites were less pretty around the New York City, but it was wonderful to see the land up close as we zoomed by. Our train went up to speeds of 150 mph. I will post some pics I took of the outside surroundings next, but this post is of our sweet crew along the way.

Here is Derek with his Bulls hat he bought in Boston. He got a bit of flack from a local woman who was at the harbor where he bought this hat..."what?? you come to Boston to buy a Bulls hat?" She was very abrasive in her tone and Derek proudly told her, well yes, yes, I did. Only my son could find Chicago sports gear on the harbor in Boston ; ) This was up top in the train station. Sophie and I enjoyed some iced coffee's from Dunkin' Doughnuts. We don't have a Dunkin' in Abilene, which is probably a good thing in the long run.

Most of the trip I used my iphone, I willingly let Jack take over my point and shoot camera, he loved taking his own pics, and I was happy with my phone. In fact, earlier in the year I bought a iphone 4 just so I could use it for this trip. My 3 was weary and heavy laden. It took about 2 minutes just for it to think through the whole getting ready to take a pic process. I knew I would want to have a phone that actually worked efficiently for this trip in the picture taking dept. I love my hipstamatic app on my phone, it gives a picture a more artful look. Most of this part of the trip I was taking pics with the hipstamatic.

First are some underground pics as we were waiting for the train. I did have to take a little bit of Texas with me to the North so I bought this neck pillow pictured below in the DFW airport so I could sleep from DFW to Boston on the plane. I never needed it as I sat next to a lady I talked down from wanting to have a panic attack the ENTIRE trip. She told me she had been in the airport since 6am and missed 3 flights because she was too afraid to get on the plane. It was interesting. I just tried to keep her talking, I prayed for her which made her weep uncontrollably, and then she pulled out a lunch box full of candy and chocolate, said she had to keep her blood sugar up. She did tell me what would happen to her if her blood sugar dropped and it wasn't pretty so I was glad for her to devour her tootsie rolls and ho ho's.

The picture of the iron train on the wall reminded me of Harry Potter 7 part 1, when Dumbledore finds Harry in the train station.

Then just some random pics from the train ride. Jack bought an old fashioned pen and ink set while in Boston, which might explain one of the pics below.


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