Boston Day 3 part 1

Our 3rd day in Boston we walked the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a trail that is marked with a red line of paint or bricks that make it easy to see many of the historical sites in Boston. We ate all of our lunches while in Boston at Quincy Market which is part of the Freedom Trail. It was a great adventure to walk into Quincy Market and choose from among 50 international vendors for our lunch each day. The first day I ate Greek food and then the next I had a "Lobstah" roll and clam "chowda." There was everything from Japanese food to gelato. There was something for everyone.

Here is a pic of Quincy Market.

Sophie wading in the water in the Boston Common's Park.

This is the first stop on the Freedom Trail...the State House.

In this picture you will see the red line that marks the Freedom Trail. Also in the picture is the Duck Tour vehicle. These tours are popular, they can go from land to sea which is totally fun, but they weren't hop on hop off.

We stopped in at the Park Street Church and then at the Granary burial ground down the street. The burial ground was undergoing construction to lay sidewalks. Some of the graves were even dug up for the construction. It was a bit creepy to see all the yellow tape and empty graves. Many famous people were buried there. Paul Revere's gravestone and memorial are pictured below. I also took a pic of the pennies that people had placed on the top of the memorial. Pennies were scattered everywhere around his grave and on the memorial. I looked up why the pennies were scattered and apparently it is a Jewish tradition.

It was unusual to give house slaves their own marked graves. John Hancock had a large plot for the people that worked for him. He was buried in an above the ground tomb, but next to him were his slaves. It is hard to even write...slave. Makes my stomach turn a bit, actually a lot. I thought it was noteworthy that he went against the grain in showing his slaves the respect of a proper burial place.

Here is a pic of how close the building next door sits so closely to the burial ground. Not sure I would like to look out my window at work every day and see a tombstone.

This is the grave of Samuel Adams. Next to him were those who were killed in the Boston Massacre. We couldn't walk to these graves due to the construction, took this pic through the fence.

We visited the King's Chapel, founded in 1686. this was the first Church of England in Boston. The corner stone of the present building was laid in August 1749. After the revolution this church became the first unitarian church in the U.S. It was a beautiful church, families would buy the boxes for their family to worship in. I thought it odd that the benches were around the entire box, meaning that some wouldn't even face the pulpit. The pulpit was the raised type with the wooden roof hanging above. The circle roof placed above the pulpit would bounce the voice of the speaker to the church. Without that the voice would not travel at all.

Along our walk on the Freedom Trail there were many alley ways with businesses hidden off the beaten path. I loved the look of this alley and I LOVED this old used bookstore. I could have hung out in there all day. Some of the books in here dated back to the 1500's.

Here we are on Paul Revere's stomping grounds. We went into his home, but were not allowed to take pictures. The church below is the Old North Church where he rang the bell to notify all within hearing distance that the British were on their way. By this time of the day the kids were pooped. It was really hot in Boston when we were there which didn't help with all the walking we did. But we didn't let it slow us down, we were determined to see what we could even if we were hot. The kids were tired, but they never once said, let's go back to the hotel. They were glad to see all they could see.
The picture with all the dog tags is from a Veteran's Memorial within the Garden of the North Church grounds.

We walked back to the Little Italy section in Boston to catch a cab back to our hotel. On our way back we walked by a beautiful Catholic church. It was beautiful. Here is a pic of the inside. We were so close to Mike's Pastry but we were too hot to think about eating anything at this point, so we passed it by ; (.


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