Boston Day 2

The kids are now all in school. Derek and Jack started last week at Abilene Christian School and Sophie started today at Wylie. The boys are making the transition to a new school pretty easily. It is weird for all of us to not have 3 Bulldogs this year.

Thinking about how much fun we had as a family this summer makes me even more sad that school is starting. I would love to have had at least a couple more weeks with my kids.

I am continuing from an earlier post to finish blogging on our vacation this year. Our first full day in Boston started with us boarding our bus tour. It was money well spent, for sure. We could hop on or hop off at any of the stops and it was a great way to get around to some of the touristy spots. On a side note: I had assumed that we would use mass transportation in Boston, but because most everything was within a couple of miles radius it was actually no more expensive to just hail a taxi.

Each morning we started our day eating at a street side cafe called Thornton's. It was fun to watch all the people and crazy taxi drivers while enjoying breakfast within walking distance of our hotel.

The Beantown Trolley picked us up at our hotel and we drove by MIT and saw a Harvard Building, however the Harvard campus was a bit farther off. Our first hop off was at the Harbor as the kids really wanted to visit the Harbor Aquarium. It was a beautiful aquarium, but not a great value (i.e. it was WAY expensive as all my kids are officially adults as far as many businesses go). The aquarium was on the top of their list to do so we bit the bullet and chopped off our right arms to pay our way in ; ).

Jack found this trinket with my sister's name on it. He wanted to buy it for her, I suggested we just take a picture of it and send it to her. I think that worked out great!

A must see on our tour was the Cheer's bar. The original Cheers is actually the Bull and Finch Pub. The entry way was what the TV show used as the entryway to the Cheers set bar. The Bull and Finch Pub was down the stairs, but the set bar which is the replica of what was seen on TV was directly above it. We walked through the Bull and Finch and then had some drinks in the set bar. The kids really don't know Cheers, but they were thrilled to be in air conditioning as it was very hot and humid outside. Once we all had our obligatory soda at the Cheers bar we bought my Uncle Phil a Cheer's sign and some post cards and headed back to the trolley stop. My Uncle Phil is officially the most dedicated Cheers fan, so it was fun picking out something fun to bring back for him.

Next on our stop was Fenway Park. We made it for the last tour of the day. It was fun to walk around the park. The park is going to be 100 years old next year. Much of the park is still original, like the seats below. The highlight was sitting on the Green Monster and hearing the story of why the Green Monster was constructed, first to keep the baseballs inside the park, it was too easy to hit it out over the previous fence, and to keep the neighbors from sitting on their roofs to watch the game for free. Tickets for the Green Monster are drawn from a lottery each year.

When we talked with the boys and told them we were going to Boston it brought back memories of the Man Vs. Food Boston episode. They decided that it was a must to visit some of the locations highlighted in the show. So we ended our day sharing a "Lobstah" and crab platter. The kids had fun trying something new and loved being able to be somewhere they saw on TV.

We topped our night off taking a taxi cab to Mike's Pastry. We each chose one or two pastry items and took them back to our hotel for dessert. The Canolli's really are amazing.

We had a fabulous first day.


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