One Month Mark

Jack and I just returned home from his 4th chemotherapy treatment. His ANC numbers are not too good today. 937. He started in the upper 2000's then went to the 3000's back to the 2000's now down to 937. Anything under 1000 means that if he contracts an infection his body does not have the necessary means to fight it. He is not in a dire stage, but a careful stage. I have not been fighting the fight to get him to take his mannatech nutrients this week. We both needed a break, me from hounding him and him from being hounded. Obviously I am back in the hounding mood, and now that he is on somewhat of a restricted social life, maybe he is ready to be hounded. The nutrients are all immune system builders and they have made a difference thus far. This is an area that I really would appreciate you praying for.

Jack has also made the switch as of today to an eye patch instead of the chemical patch. He was covering his dialated eye all the time to see, which made his writing in class next almost completely illegible. So he asked me if there was something we could use to cover his eye, the benefit of the chemical patch (dialating the strong eye) is so he doesn't have to deal with an eye patch, so now we can just leave off the dialation and he will use the eye patch.
Being that he is 6 years old, he kind of thinks of himself as a full fledged pirate with the eye patch, even my 8yr. old son Derek wanted one, so I bought him one also. Living with 2 pirates is very fun. Sometimes being a sick kid isn't fun, but the toys you play with to fix your problem are. The eye patch for instance, and when we were in rehab, the wheelchair. Derek loved to be in Jack's wheelchair. He was in it so often, that when people saw him and asked what happened his pat answer was, "I broke both my legs."

That has been the nature of this illness, there are always good things we can pull out of each day, substantially good things. The people we have met, the nurses and doctors, and the kindness of friends and strangers. Deciding what is most important and not sweating the rest. I love my life. Does that sound weird or what with a kid in chemo? When I was a kid I used to think that a day that involved no craziness was a good day, I just wanted normal. Then when I grew up into college age, I was determined to be anything but normal, finding my way to a place that I could call my own. That place I found was not pretty, mainly because my choices were not good, they lacked direction, they lacked the Cornerstone. I was a floating leaf flying whichever way the wind took me. Thanks to Jesus' prompting in my life I started to come back down to earth, living a life of substance, not floating anymore, looking to fill a void that had left me empty. I ofcourse found the Answer. I know what it is to live life without Jesus, I have been there and I don't ever want to go back. Here I am in a life that some would think would be rocking my world, and thanks to God's grace, I have the steadfastness to stand tall and love my life in the midst of crazy. Am I crazy sometimes, absolutely, do I get overwhelmed with what is happening to Jack, yes, but I can know that God is in control, and no matter what happens I am blessed to be a part of it. Thank you God for your tender mercy.

Keep praying for sweet Jack and pray he takes those vitamins. Thank you for being a part of this with us.
Love, Tammy


shellie said…
I am praying that Jack will have an easier time taking the vitamins and nutrients he needs to get those counts back up. I will also pray for you and Rob - that you will continue to find God's strength and comfort through all the experiences you are yet to go through. I am so happy that you use this blog to share with all of us the innermost feelings of your heart. I admire you so much.
dixie mcleod said…
We will join you in prayer for Jack to have an easier time taking the vitamins and nutrients. Oh, Tammy, I have said this before but your vulnerability is so very moving. Thanks and Thanks again for taking the time to bless so many...may these blessings return to you many times over.

your Beaumont family
Ruth Erin said…
I'm keeping you all in my prayers.


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