YIPPEE Jack's Counts Have Risen

We just came home from Jack's chemotherapy today and his counts are back in the 2000's. I have been working hard to get him to take the mannatech this week, and he has done a pretty good job of taking it, your prayers are evident in this. I got to where I would make his shake or give him his chewable tablets and he would make one whiney noise, I would walk off pretending I didn't hear him, then come back to check on him a few minutes later and many times the tablets were in his belly and half of his shake was gone. Thank you for praying.

Chemo was short today, just over an hour. He only received one drug today, it is part of the scheduled regimen, they call it a road map of protocol. When the nurse stepped out of the room, Jack said, "Mom she poked me with the needle, then she did some stuff, then she took the needle out already, is that o.k." The funny thing about that is that I told him probably 3 times today we were just going to chemo for a short time and he wouldn't get the iv drip medicine only the poke into his port and nurse Sara would be quick today, there are times as a mom I think I could talk directly to a wall and get more of a retention of memory. It makes me laugh.

This week in the Marcelain household we introduced Napolean Dynamite to our kids. Rob and I had seen it when it first came out on video, we rented it this week, and got our moneys worth out of it. Jack is now referring to the lochness monster on one of his Scooby video's as Nessie, and he has a craving for steak. We don't eat steak at home, mainly because Rob nor I are great at grilling. Rob and Jack went to Sonic for dinner one night when the other 2 kids and I were at Shepherding Group, (we kept Jack away from crowds with his counts low), Rob asked Jack what he wanted for dinner and Jack said, "You know that brown meat on a plate that the uncle was eating in Napolean Dynamite, that's what I want." Rob said, "Do you mean steak, I don't think they have that at Sonic, how about a corndog?" Jack said, "o.k.", but he wants some of that brown meat soon. He told me the next day he wants some brown meat, so I think we will be heading for Joe Allens to get some brown meat pretty soon. Jack is a connosieur of slap stick so Napolean Dynamite was a great addition to his laugh out loud movies.
Keep lifting prayers to the Father for my sweet Jack. He is such a joy. May God be with you and ever present as you go on your way this week.
Love, Tammy


the Jennings' said…
Praise God! Just wanted you to know that prayers are lifted up for Jack and your family twice every service at the church where my Dad preaches. We are continually in prayer here and you are in our hearts!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that Jack's counts are back up! Kids are priceless. Many of my kids will have a little comment about something they don't want to do but they usually know that the alternative is much worse if they don't do it! (Pulling a crayon for my kids and low counts for Jack!)

I can tell that Jack has that slap stick comedy in him! I just love to see his outfits and listen to him laugh while in the hallways at church.

Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are in my prayers daily!

Love ya,

Anonymous said…
Love the pictures and love your family. Praying for all of you! Love, Howard and Jacki
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad Jack got a bit of a break on time in chemo this week. But it is especially wonderful that his blood counts are back up. I know he highly values being with people, so it's good that you can be a little less restrictive right now. I hope that will continue to give him an incentive for taking his nutrients.

May God be praised for the peace in trouble that he gives you. Your willed joy (and sense of humor) is an encouragement to the rest of us.

Anonymous said…
I have a list of people to pray for every morning, and your sweet Jack is on my list. God is good, isn't he? Love your precious family! Teri

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