October 09, 2006

Happy Homecoming Raiders

The Raiders had their homecoming game this weekend. Here is a picture of the team on their float. The Raiders continue to go undefeated, and Derek will say that they have only allowed one touchdown all year long. The scores are in the 40's-0 most of the time. They work hard for those scores. At practice last week the boys ran and ran and then ran some more. I think that working hard is a good thing, but as a mom (not the coach) I am thinking that maybe they could cut out one of the 3 practices a week, or cut down the time, but I don't think that thought has entered any of the coaches thoughts. They continue to work the team out just as hard as when they began, maybe even harder. I guess that is the difference between a mom and a coach. Then I realize to many of the boys and families that this season is more than just Jr. PeeWee, it is a foundation that will take these boys to their dream of playing football in high school and beyond. They are getting a thorough foundation with these coaches. I also appreciate that the praises come frequently and that the boys are respected by the coaches. Derek is lucky to be on a team with hard working (volunteer) coaches, solid instruction, and high expectations.


Troy M. Stirman said...


I'm with you- 3 practices per week (plus the requisite game) is WAY TOO MUCH for kids this age (and for us busy parents). While "foundation and training" are always great, I think the vast majority of parents in West Texas need a reality check when it comes to organized sports for their little darlings. Appreciate your candor, patience and joy as you put forth the effort for Derrick!