October 10, 2006

No Fun Allowed Today

Tuesday night. Derek and I just returned from football practice. He had a great night. It is hard to believe that there are just 3 games left, then we go into the playoffs which is a couple more games after that. The season is starting to come to an end. I needed to take some pictures with my black backdrop yesterday, and I couldn't locate part of it, so Stan at Photo Image Center let me use his studio to take the pics. As I have always been an "environmental photographer" using studio gear was a learning experience for me. I took Sophie with me to the studio to get my lighting and stuff right with her as my subject. She loves the camera. Click here to go to my website and click on blog to see my adorable child. ( I tried to link that directly to her page but for some reason the pics don't come up.) She was all about the posing. I moved my photography blog to my .mac website where my business website lives. I had plenty of space on that server and blogger was making me want to scream every time I was trying to post pics, which is the whole purpose of the photography blog. You can subscribe to the main blog page and it will tell you when I update. I have put 3 sittings on it this week including Sophie's.
Jack came home from school sick today. I could tell he wasn't feeling great when he left for school, but he wasn't stay at home sick, so I encouraged him to go on to school. A couple of hours into school the nurse called and said that Jack was in her office and he said he wasn't feeling good. I told him that if I came to get him then he would have to lay in his bed all day long and he quickly agreed. So he layed in his bed all day reading Harry Potter. I think that the point of my day was to make sure he had no fun at all. I can remember when Derek wanted to stay home from school the no TV rule and stay in your bed rule made staying at home a bit less appealing. So I gave that a go with Jack today and I think that it might have worked. I don't doubt he didn't feel 100% but he was not sick by any means. Now don't spill the beans on me but if they really are sick I go out of my way to make them happy, movies, playstation, anything to take their mind off of their sick tummy's or heads, but the" I am not feeling good" a.k.a. "I would rather be home hanging out with mom consequences are not as fun."
I am in the 3rd week on the bible study of Daniel. It is such a challenging study, I love it! Daniel is one awesome dude.


jessica said...

You mean you are supposed to let them stay home and have fun? Kali asks about once a week if she can hang with me... so far I haven't given in!