October 31, 2006

My Gran

Hello -
Busy week. My grandpa who I call Gran is still in the hospital. He had his last stints put in yesterday so hopefully after a day or two of recovery he will be heading home. Gran is 86 years old. When asking his surgeon what he recommended as far as diet and exercise his surgeon said, if he looks this good at 86 years old I wouldn't change anything. Granted he had 3 largely blocked arteries in his heart, but he is 86 years old, something has to start wearing out at some point in your life. So Gran is free to eat bacon every morning for breakfast. A funny story about my Gran, he is known for his "budgeting." He went for breakfast at a local restaurant in town, where my younger sister was working at the time. He ordered his breakfast which was probably one or two eggs and toast, my sister asked if he wanted bacon with that, and he replied, "No, bacon costs an extra .75 cents so I brought my own." He opened up his coat, reached into the pocket in his shirt and pulled out a couple of pieces of bacon wrapped up in a paper towel. Ofcourse everyone laughed and gave him a hard time, well for 13 years and still counting, that story still lives on. He is a glorious man, just yesterday he thanked me again for a Christmas present I gave him about 6 years ago. He is someone who does not take presents lightly, and hand written thank you cards are regular fare coming from him.
He is a living example of a strong man's man who loves God first, family second, and has a smile and a handshake for everyone in his path.
Yesterday when I went to visit I double checked his room number with the nurses station, as he has been moved several times. When I told them who I was looking for all the nurses started giggling and said he is in 3613, we were just talking about him. He makes everyone laugh. I am blessed.
One of my grandfather's proudest moments is when he looks down the row at church and see's his family, he used to lean over to my Nana and say, "Look what we started." and they would both smile. He is also as tender as any man I have known, he prays everyday for our family members who do not have a relationship with Christ. His eyes fill up with tears when he hears of his grandchildren not attending church regularly or pursuing a relationship with the Lord. My Gran has me wrapped around his pinky finger. I think he is dreamy.


Yvonne said...

Tammy - what a wonderful thing you have going on here! Oh to still have grandparents alive.....I miss my "MoMo" a great deal. She reminds me alot of your Gran.

Julie Adams said...

Your family is adorable. Isn't Jack's check-up this week? I remembered to pray for him!!! You must post pictures of the kids in the Halloween attire. Did you enjoy my spooky vampiress outfit? Tonight at church I was Olivia Newton-John sans Grease attire... fun fun...