October 25, 2006

Hot Cocoa

Hey long lost friends and readers - It has been a week since I updated my site. I tried yesterday but blogger freaked out when I was trying to publish my 5 sentence quick post. Atleast I hadn't spent an hour writing where the fruits went into that cyberspace where all lost posts go.
I have stayed busy working and taking pictures, along with visiting with my grandpa who is in the hospital. He had a heart attack on Friday night. His testing has come back to show that he is in need of some work on his heart and I am sure they will start putting in the first of 9 stints sometime this week. If he was younger open heart surgery would have been the way to go but as he is 86 years old he doesn't want to go there, and the dr.'s agree that the risks increase dramatically after 80 years old. So keep my sweet Gran in your prayers. I personally am tired of people dying around me, the people who have passed are praising and hallaluia-ing in glorious Zion, I am left wandering around this earth without all the wisdom that I have counted on for years in counsel and prayer. This is life.
Now let's find some sunshine.
The kids are all doing well. Jack has his MRI next week, November 1st and then we get the results at the clinic visit on November 2nd.
Derek's football team is still undefeated. They play their final regular season game next Monday night. Then the playoffs. It is starting to get cold for all of those practices and games, time to bundle up and bring some hot cocoa to keep warm. Yum.
It is starting to feel like Christmas time with the cool air and the smell of fireplaces burning. I am one of those crazy people who start listening to Christmas music in the first week or two of November. 3-4 weeks is just not enough for the sounds of Christmas. I think I need to purchase a holiday candle!
Just so you know I don't bring down the Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving, I do have my limits after all.
Happy Holidays!


Denise W. said...

You need to smell the Aspen Winter(?) candle at Bath and Body. It smells wonderful - kind of woodsy and Christmas both. I'm gonna get one!

"Baby, it's cold outside..."

Amber Joy said...

And of course, their new "Amber" scent is a nice addition to any home in the fall. ;)

Anonymous said...

I started doing Chrismas shopping when it dipped below 100. Now that it is in the 80's most days I am ready for jackets hehe. Love you.

Becky and family