October 14, 2006

inspi (red)

inspi (red)

Several months ago I heard about the

product red www.joinred.com
line that was being developed by Bono and Bobby Shriver. This line of goods and services would be a way for us as consumers to buy cool stuff and a good portion of the profits would go to Africa for aids relief. I was so excited when I saw on Oprah yesterday that the line has been rolled out. Gap, Georgio Armani, Motorola phones, Ipod, and Converse, are some of the companies which have developed items in their lines that will benefit Product Red. Our Gap outlet in Abilene does not have the inspi (red) shirt that I want, so I went online to buy one this morning and they are sold out. I am going to keep checking back and get one as soon as I can. I love to buy gifts that give back, that is why I love the Eternal Threads Bags and have them listed on my sidebar. One can purchase a beautiful gift that helps someone so far away that we tend to forget about their plythe, or maybe we just don't want to think about it in the first place. Buying Product Red or Eternal Threads bags are a way that we can make a big difference in a persons life.
Shop Eternal and Red!!!


Denise W. said...

We know it's really all about Bono....