May 23, 2008

Jack's Appt. Wrap Up

Friday morning. Jack and I had a good trip to Dallas and back. The official word on his MRI Wednesday was that his brain looks great. The scan continues to improve and his brain is tumor free. This was just a regular check-up, we go back in three months for another.
His radiologist's nurse called yesterday evening and she said that he thinks the scans are amazing, and he really believes that the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments that we did daily for several months at the hospital really did their job well. Several of the doctors Jack saw yesterday started bringing up the possibility of plastic surgery. Move some nerves and such around from the temple area down to his cheek and mouth area and that would over time allow him to have movement back on the right side of his face. We will get a call from the surgeons staff in the next couple of weeks to set up a consultation. The effects right after surgery would be 0, but given time with a speech therapist he would learn to move that muscle in a new way and develop it in it's new place, then it would just be a natural way for his muscles to react and move along with the other side.
It will be worth a conversation with the surgeon to see what all is involved. The reason they waited until now to talk about this was because while Jack was on steroids he wasn't a candidate for any type of surgery. His immune system deficiency due to the steroids would have not been able to fight off any infection. So now he is off, he would need to be off for 2-4 months before the surgery. But because he was weaned and on such a small dose that last couple of months it might be less time.
His eyes and their tracking or lack there of were a topic of conversation with the neurologist, he was content that we are still seeing Dr. Moody for Jack's eyes and didn't set up an appt. with anyone else.

We just continue to be grateful for all of your prayers and love for our sweet Jack. All praise goes to Jesus.


Amber Joy said...

I'm still overwhelmed at Jack's healling... After all these years, your tuckered little heart can find deeper rest and peace than you've known for a while. :D All praises be to the King of kings!!! He IS wonderful!
See you next week!

Casey said...

That is just such awesome news!!! :) Way to go Jack! Keep up the great and awesome work and give Glory and Praises to God, our Father. My heart is rejoicing for Jack, you and your family. YAYAY!!!! :)
Love you all and may God keep blessing you and your family. In all things look to Him and He WILL give you strength. Love ya~ Casey Beth

soul and culture said...

Glad for the great report.

...and I tagged you for a meme on my blog, should you care to play.

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl! My computer crashed and I lost some of my new blog contacts. I just ran across your comment on LPM and was so excited to get you back again. So good to see my first post back is such good news on your Jack!!
Yeah God!!!

Dee Andrews said...

I'm so glad to read of your good news. My heart rejoices with you all!

Much love to you all today!


Anna said...

That is amazing news!! We serve such an awesome God who never ceases to amaze us. =)

Cindy said...

Praise God Tammy for this news.
Love, Cindy

Sarah's dad said...

Mignon and I rejoice with you and your family. This is wonderful news.