May 22, 2008

Oncology Clinic Today

Jack and I are on our 2nd day in Dallas. He had his MRI yesterday. He did great. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House last night. We got lost in Dallas traffic looking for a movie theatre and decided to just head back to RMH and hang out. Jack checked out the games to play the wii only to discover that someone had stolen the player. The workers were so sad and everyone looked everywhere, but it was not to be found. We watched Daddy Day Care last night after eating hamburgers that the volunteer group prepared for all the guests. Early to bed and early to rise. We are now waiting for all the docs to make their rounds and give us the low down on Jacks MRI yesterday, then it will be back to Abilene with us. I will be twittering updates through the day so you can follow me on twitter or just check the sidebar for the latest results on Jack.