August 05, 2009

Apple Camp

I was so blessed to be asked to teach a photography lesson to two sessions of kids on Monday. The kids are attending Apple Camp at ACU. This is a trial year, the kids of all the tech people were invited to attend 3 hours a day for 5 days this week to learn about the Apple Computer, iphoto, garageband, imovie and all that goes with that, including editing, rendering, burning...I was totally excited that my kids were able to attend because I would be helping out on Monday. My kids are having so much fun, they have learned loads and are making quite the exciting presentations for all us parents on Friday.

Here are some pictures of my kids while they were snapping away on Monday. After my presentation that I made on Keynote was finished we all headed outside to some designated locations for the kids to shoot their own pics, then bring them back to the computer lap where they edited them in iphoto and created a slideshow to music.


Anonymous said...


(Love the photos) :D


Sharon Winkler

Holly said...

You did a great job on Monday. My kids have been taking pictures all week.

Anonymous said...

Those sure are some good looking kids!