August 10, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes.

Today we woke up, cleaned the house, visited with some friends that dropped by then headed out to the stores. All the kids NEEDED new shoes for school. Sophie needed tennis shoes for gym, Derek needed football cleats and Jack's red converse have several holes worn through them. So shoe shopping for hours was what we did. Jack was easy, he knew what he wanted, although the original color we went in for had been discontinued. He wanted The Who Converse, they had a design that had the colors of the British flag. Unfortunately the shoes had been discontinued, we had gone in to look at them and even try them on but decided to wait till a bit closer to the end of summer before purchasing...big mistake. He quickly found a new color he liked.

A couple stores later and our mission was accomplished. Derek also is hoping for a pair of Van's to wear to school, then we have dance class shoes,...3 pairs of shoes down, 3 more to go.


Wife of Rob said...

I had a pair of converse 30 years ago...I think they were banana yellow! That brought back memories!

Melene said...

Yea! Wylie Purple! He could put some yellow laces in them....
I hope the upcoming school year is fantastic for all of the kids.