August 28, 2009

Crazy Love

I am in the midst of reading several books right now. One I am reading along with my class at church, Revolutionary Parenting, by George Barna. Staying with the class discussion on this so I am through chapter 1 and passed it on to Rob for him to read the first chapter. This book studies 25 kids who live disciple lives and their parents. I am sure I will have more to say on this book the farther I get into it. Looking forward to this focused study in bible class.

Second book, just started. Fearless by Max Lucado.

His books are always wonderful. This book in particular I had been counting down the days to the release date. Partially because Max Twitter's and it has been an interesting process following along with the stages of this book. But mostly because this is a hot topic of mine. To live life fearless. As one who lived in fear for most of her life, the ability to step away from that and live a life not defined by fear, but defined by hope and strength from the Lord, this subject is one that I continue to enjoy. Max is always inspiring.

Thirdly, I am about half way through Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

This is "the book" that it seems is everywhere right now. Angie's (who's hubby sings with Selah) Bring the Rain blog is about to read this as a book club. Ragamuffin is talking about Francis Chan on his blog. Small groups are tackling it.

What can I say about this book, but I have suspected these thoughts for a while now but no one has ever confirmed them in such an in your face kind of way. Many years ago I started really BELIEVING what the bible said, yes literally. It all started with Beth Moore's study Believing God, then Jack got sick and I really had to put my money where my mouth was regarding my faith. Then other area's started to change for me, everything...the way I loved others, my desire's for myself, the idea of what it should look like to be a middle class citizen in America who claims to be a Christian. I want to love Christ with all of me, I ask that He will show me just what He calls me to. It is hard to read a book like this and know what to do with what you are reading. The temptation is to do nothing, it is all so overwhelming. God convict me and make it clear.

If you have read any of these books please let me know what you think.


mad4books said...

I really want to know your thoughts after you finish Crazy Love! Recently, it came up in our church book club discussion as a potential title to read next. It was surprising to see how enthusiastic some people were...and even more surprising to see how UNenthusiastic others were. They all clearly knew about this book and had strong feelings about it...and I'd never heard of it. (Weird...usually the librarian hears about these things first!)

Thanks for the other two tips, especially the Lucado book! Your blog ALWAYS gives its readers something...encouragement, food for thought, cool pics, book recommendations, testimony...something. It's like Easter every time we visit!

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I saw Max's new book at Family Christian. Did you see the resources that go with it? Might be a good study later for our women. DeLynda