August 04, 2009

Book Club - Good Stuff

The last week has all run together. It has been full to say the least. Today is the first day I have had to come up for air, my house is now relatively clean. I cleaned my studio/gallery out last week and brought everything home, and put it in the middle of my living room. I have had no time to work on putting it all away and finding nooks and crannies for things I don't want to get rid of. As of about 3pm there are no picture frames, boxes, the middle of my living room, they have all found there way to their assigned areas in my home. Ahhhhh.

Went to the dentist today, had a cleaning, my teeth still hurt. My report was good, I have good strong teeth that don't get cavities. I am thankful for that.


Book Club was tonight. Our first of two gatherings to discuss, "Searching For God Knows What" by Donald Miller. We all enjoyed reading the book, and enjoyed talking about what we found interesting and noteworthy.

The first part of the book Donald really brings home the theme that there are no bullet points, no formulas, God. God is about relationship. Donald then talks about how he told God that he didn't believe He existed. He finds it humorous later in the book that he told something that he thought didn't exist, that it didn't exist. He finds his way back to believing in God, but not the god he had believed in before.

Here is a exert from page 36:
"I tell you all this only to say I came back to God. All the complexity about life was begging for an explanation; and me actually being god wasn't answering very many questions. And so in a way I left the old god of easy answers, the god who was always wanting me to be rich or wanting my country to be better than other countries, or for that matter, for me to be better than you. I left that god the preachers talk about on television and the politicians mention in their prayers. But I left room open for another God, a God who might explain my existence, explain the complexity of my hands and feet and feelings and the very strange mysterious fact that even as I type this I am breathing."

and love this too:

page 46:
"I began to wonder if becoming a Christian did not work more like falling in love than agreeing with a list of true principles. I had met a lot of people who agreed with all those true principles, and they were jerks, and a lot of other people who believed in those principles, but who also claimed to love Jesus who were not jerks. It seems like something else has to take place in the heart for somebody to become a believer, for somebody to understand the gospel of Jesus. It began to seem like more than just a cerebral exercise. What if the gospel of Jesus was an invitation to know God?"