August 26, 2009

Wednesday Catch Up

Wednesday, Routine has arrived. Summer routine became the norm around here, I think I forgot what it was like to have a block in my day to work productively. Ahhhhhh. I remember now. I have put my nose to the grindstone, or in todays terms, fingers to the keyboard and mouse. I am taking a part of each day to reorganize my boys room. Eeeek is all I have to say about that. I wanted to take a picture of my kids shoes this year, Derek has after many, many years moved from the tennis shoe as his shoe of choice to van's, Jack ofcourse has his new purple Chuck Taylor's and Sophie a pretty rainbow tennis shoe. I love how each of them have chosen shoes that fit their personalities. I haven't taken that pic yet, but will. In the stead of that picture here is a picture of shoes in the style of when I was in high school. I took this pic at my 40th birthday party 18 months ago or so. On any given day the footwear in this picture could be seen on campus during my high school years. My personal choice were the witchy poo boots, don't know what the real name was for them, but that is what we called them.


All the kids are enjoying school, even Jack to his dismay is enjoying being back in routine. We go to Dallas next week for Jack's next MRI and Oncology visit.


I am really focusing on getting my work caught up this week on the my absence from here will continue for a bit longer.


Ted Kennedy....a loss for our country. I am amazed at all he accomplished in his lifetime. It seems the words..."You have been given need to give back." Spoken from the Kennedy boys parents decades ago were words that drove the Kennedy's over the years. I appreciate one perspective from a news man this morning, when he was talking about the bad choices Ted Kennedy made when he was young, then the to the man he came to be he said...he grew up. I believe that those who are not in the public eye have a gift of not having news footage to live out their worst moments for the rest of their lives. May God bless the Kennedy family as they mourn another family member's loss.