June 26, 2006

1 Cat, 2 Cats, 3 Cats.....NO CATS!

Monday afternoon. The kids and I went to see Toy Story 2 at the Paramount Theatre this morning. They are having on occassional Monday's a kids movie that they are opening up to some of the day cares and girls and boys clubs. It is open to the public also $2 for adults and $1 for kids, wow. We had a great time and sat at the very top of the theatre, it is very, very high up and even a bit dizzying to me, but it was fun for the kids to have to look down to see the movie. I love the Paramount.

We have a cat dilemma. There has been a stray cat hanging out in front of our house for more than a month. This cat is most persistant and will not go away. It has taken up residence on or about our front porch for no apparent reason except that it drives our dog CRAZY!! There are definate health concerns for this cat as it has several spots of open wounds on its body, which at first made me feel some sympathy for this cat, unfortunately my sympathy has given way to my last nerve being barked away.

I called the Animal Pick Up people and they are going to bring a cage to trap the cat in, I would imagine that it might not be necessary as when they walk up to my house to knock on the door, they will have to step over the fur ball to get to it. I hope that they are able to bring the cat to full health and find it a good home, just nowhere near us and our barking dog.

We had a great time with Rob's dad and are looking forward to his sister and her husband and children being in town in just a couple of days. Summertime is so fun.

Jack has his last chemo in this protocal in just 4 more days. We are revving up for a fun party. Talk again soon.