June 08, 2006

WooHoo We're Goin' To Disney World

Thursday Afternoon. We arrived home from chemo a couple of hours ago, Jack's counts are good at 1600 ANC. Now that it is summertime, all the brothers and sisters are at chemo also. It was very loud and busy in the office today. It was a good day. We will have chemo on Friday of next week.

My Nana came home from the hospital today. She was very glad to be in her own bed again. She has had a long 2 weeks at the hospital. My siblings will be in and out for the next couple of weeks to visit with her and my grandfather.

We continue to get ready for our trip to Disney World, and so I am going to make this short. Keep us in your prayers for wellness and safety. I came down with a stomach bug 2 nights ago, and so far it doesn't look like anyone else is catching it. Thank you Lord. This morning when I saw Jack after he woke up, his first words were, "are you feeling better today?" and I said, yes, all better, and he said "woohoo, we're goin' to disneyworld!!!!!" Arms a' flailin and and a huge smile on his face. Thank you for your continued prayers on Jack's and our families behalf.

We will give Mickey a big hug for you.


shellie said...

Have a fantastic time at Disney World!! Sure hope you took a picture of the Mickey Mouse pedicure. Your whole family will be remembered in prayers for a safe and happy trip.

Anonymous said...

Have fun and enjoy! We will be praying for your family. Love, Jacki