June 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Mayor Clayton

Fun, Fun, Fun,....
We have almost completed our first full day in Orlando. We went to MGM Disney today and had a blast. Jack's favorite ride was Star Tours, Sophie's was the Great Disney Ride and Derek...one of the many huge roller coasters he rode today. Although Derek did say he would not want to do the Tower of Terror again, his stomach almost came out of his nose. Nobody got sick on any of the rides and a good time was had. We have experience 90% humidity on a 90 something degree day, and it is very sticky. The best part of the day was the Star Wars Parade through MGM this morning, with all the characters and several of the real people involved in the making of the movies.
When we first walked in to MGM on all the roofs the Storm Troopers were guarding from the roof with their weapons. Dreamy.

The place we are staying is called Give Kids the World. It is amazing. It seems weird to leave such an awesome place each morning, as there is enough to do during the day on property. The Ice Cream Parlor opens for breakfast at 7:30 am and there is putt putt, arcades, carousels, movie theatre, 2 swimming pools, trolley rides, train rides, and tomorrow night the Mayor, who is a big 6 foot bunny will stop by our villa where we "live" and tuck the kids into their beds. Mayor Clayton is celebrating his 20th Birthday with a big bash in about 5 minutes, so I will keep it short.

We are having a great time, and the kids are in heaven. Thanks for your prayers, everyone feels great.



Sarah said...

Okay, a 6 foot bunny tucking me in would NOT help me have peaceful sleep, but to each his own! Have breakfast at the ice cream parlor for me!! We miss you guys, but are SO glad you are having a good time. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are having a great time! We've been thinking of you! Enjoy your time together. Do you get tucked in by the bunny too? ha What a treat for your kids! It will be fun to hear more of your exciting stories!
Love to you all!
Pat, Gwen, and Ashlynn

Amber Joy said...

Sounds like you're all having a blast! I've heard Disney is such a magical place. Has Sophie met any of the Disney Princesses yet? What a cool job THAT would be!