June 22, 2006

Jack and the Jammies

Jack and Sophie wore their new t-shirts from Universal Studios last night to church. Rob bought them as a surprise, good job dad.

The week is almost over. During the summertime it seems that our days pass so quickly. Jack had chemo yesterday and his counts were 1110 ANC, they are a bit low but still over that crucial 1000 mark, so we are good.
Rob's dad is driving into town today and will spend some time with us in Abilene. We always have a great time during his visits.
We haven't had too much time to spend at the pool this week, bummer. Next week we should be there more, we all miss the pool.
Last night we let the kids stay up late and watch that new tv show on the best variety act, the people were buzzed off, or allowed to come back to the show for another try. I guess the acrobatic part inspired Jack, who was trying to do summersalts and hand stands, all the while trying to hold up Derek's shorts that he was wearing as jammies with his chin. He was so funny to watch.
Next Friday is Jack's last treatment on this chemo program. We will bring a cake and Nurse Sara is going to make homemade ice cream. One of the rituals done at the chemo center adult or child, is when you finish your last treatment the nurses ring a bell and bust confetti on your head, I am sure Jack will think that is totally cool.


Sarah said...

My dad got to ring the bell at M.D. Anderson when he finished radiation treatments. It was a huge deal and lots of tears (that I have conjured up just remembering). It will have far more importance to you than Jack, but he will think it's cool!

I LOVE the shirts!!

Nicole said...

Those shirts are adorable!! I know that you are so ready for Chemo to be over. I cannot imagine what that has been like for all of you. I am so proud of you and Jack and really your entire family. He is going to think that he is IT (no oun intended)!! And should. He is precious! Hope to see you at the pool next week!

Denise W. said...

I LOVE Thing 1 & Thing 2! Those are the best!

shellie said...

Bring on the confetti! You all have touched the hearts of so many people this past year. Your faith and perseverance through "the unknown" has been such an inspiration. All of you continue to be beautiful examples to the rest of us who love and pray for you.