June 28, 2006

Who's that kid with the fire on his feet?

I thought I would update you on the stray cat situation. Yesterday morning the Animal Pick Up man called and said he would be by with the trap. He arrived a couple of minutes later. He was just about to tell me how to use the trap, and I said, I can't believe that the cat is not here on my doorstep, he said, that is how it seems to work. Right then the cat walks out from under our car and sits right next to the man, he said is this the cat? Yes, it is! He picked up the poor thing and took it to the van, came back and got the cage and that was the end of that. I did not hear my dog bark once yesterday after Mr./Mrs. Cat was rescued/captured.

Jack has therapy today and tomorrow, tomorrow he will pick up his new braces for his feet. He was measured about 2 weeks ago and they are ready for us to go and pick up. The chemo has made his muscles in his feet drop, so his flat feet turned inverted almost and he will wear these braces until all that gets better. I am sure we will start out for an hour a day and build up to whatever the maximum is, I assume all day wearing. I am glad that it is summertime so when school arrives he will have gotten use to wearing them.

He is very excited for his feet braces, he was able to pick out the colors of the velcro and decorative ribbon, which he chose flames, so he will be zooming by in his new braces with the hot colors he chose. His physical therapist said that she has never seen a child more open to do what he needs to do with a smile on his face. I love Jack.


Sarah said...

Jack is an inspiration! Can't wait to see his feet a'flame!