June 06, 2006

Countdown to Jack's Wish

Tuesday Afternoon. I have more things to do than I can count, but blogging seems to be the choice of the moment. Jack is doing well, he has had his 2 week break off of chemo, he starts back Thursday. He is gaining a nice tan from the swimming pool, and enjoying the summer.
We are having a busy week. On my last entry I noted that my Nana is in the hospital, and she continues to be there. She is determined that she is going home soon, not sure when she will be going home, but I am glad that she is getting tended to so well. Her insistance of not having her blood pressure checked more than once a day lasted just mere hours, as she passed out that night because her blood pressure was so low. But the door still stays open to her room, and the sign remains on the door, to NOT close door.
We are getting ready for the Make A Wish Trip to Disney World. The kids are so excited, Jack's first words every morning are a countdown to how many days we have left before we leave. We received the package in the mail yesterday with all the information and stuff we will need for the trip, that was totally fun to look through.
Derek is in football camp this week at ACU. He is loving every sweaty minute of it. I am trying to get information on signing him up for the peewee league in Abilene and have found out it is not information that comes easily. If anyone has any sign up dates for their boys in Abilene, feel free to leave it as a comment, or call me....I am not sure why this is so hard.
I am looking forward to a special pedicure this week. I enjoy semi-regularly getting my toenails done. I have a cantankerous toe nail that has had some issues and the doctor told me that the next ingrown nail I got would mean that horrible laser surgery down the side of the nail (very painful) to cut out the side parts forever. He suggested trying pedicures and see if that would help. Well that was all I needed for my first pedicure in several years, maybe 10yrs. It has been a successful treatment and I have very cute toenails as a side benefit. Well all that said, I found a wonderful nail tech in town that was referred to me by one of my friends that could actually paint Mickey Mouse on my big toes for our trip. I took her a picture of Mickey and she said she would work on it all month, and I go in the night before our trip to get a Disney Pedicure. How fun is that!!!!!
So we are having a busy, busy, week but the anticipation is thrilling. We are like that commercial on tv with the little boys that couldn't go to sleep the night before they went to Disney. I will post on Thursday after chemo.


Emily said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip. Better take lots of pictures!

still praying for you guys...

Nicole said...

Your trip is going to be a blast! I love pedicures too. Wish I had some good excuse to HAVE to get mine done. Ha. It is always a treat to just go and get pampered without the kids. Ya'll be safe and have LOTS of fun!! I will be thinking about you!